About Us

Hollywood Diagnostics Center HDC – Two Decades of Medical Excellence

In 1984, the Hollywood Diagnostics Center was founded with the ambitious goal of providing every medical diagnostic service available in an efficient, caring and professional manner.  Over the years, the company has experienced tremendous growth, serving thousands of patients with outstanding service in the South Florida area.

Today, HDC has been recognized as a leader in the medical diagnostics field while performing over 30,000 diagnostic procedures annually.  The center continues to be on the forefront of medical technology by progressively updating it’s equipment and procedures to reflect the latest advances in medicine.  This is a prime example of how we practice our strong belief that early detection leads to accurate diagnosis and treatment. HDC is your complete, one source provider of all diagnostic services.

For three decades, the Hollywood Diagnostics Center has provided the healthcare community with outstanding, technologically advanced medical services to address the changing needs of our patients.  At this complete diagnostic center, we offer the most innovative, cutting edge medical equipment to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

 A Step Beyond Traditional Medicine – Tomorrow’s Technology Today