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Do I Need a Bone Density Scan from Hollywood Diagnosticss

Jul 12, 2021

There is a facility in South Florida that can take care of all of your medical Diagnostics testing services. Located in Hollywood, Florida is the Hollywood Diagnosticss Center. This center conducts many tests from EKGs to MRIs. One test that is commonly done is the bone density scan.

What is a Bone Density Scan?

Bone Density Scans use X-rays to determine how much calcium is in the bone. Bones with more calcium are denser, and therefore, less likely to break. A bone density scan can also confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis and alert your doctor about decreasing bone density before you might break a bone.  These scans are also vital to monitor the progress of any osteoporosis treatment.

Do I Need a Bone Density Scan?

A bone density scan should be a part of your regular annual physical if you have any of the risk factors below:

  1. You’re a woman. 1 in 3 women will develop the disease, whereas men are 1 in 5 might.
  2. You have hormonal imbalances. Reduced estrogen from menopause or a hysterectomy increases your risk of osteoporosis.
  3. You have dietary issues. Inadequate calcium, eating disorders, and gastric bypass surgery can reduce the nutrients your body absorbs, including calcium.
  4. You’ve lost height. Loss of bone mass in your spine can cause you to become shorter.
  5. You’re 50 or older. Osteoporosis can occur at any age, but seniors are at far greater risk.

How Do You Treat Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis treatment methods depend upon how many risk factors there are, the results of a bone density scan, and the extent of any bone loss. Treatment includes lifestyle choices, such as getting more exercise or changing diet. If your risk is higher, your doctor may prescribe medications called bisphosphonates that help rebuild bone. For postmenopausal women, hormone therapy may also be an option because estrogen can maintain bone density.

Osteoporosis can cause serious fractures and extensive pain that may require surgery. The best treatment is to detect the disease in its early stages before broken bones make it more difficult. The first step is a bone density scan.

If you live in South Florida, or specifically the city of Hollywood, and are in need of a bone density scan, or any medical imaging, then call the Hollywood Diagnosticss Center today! Medical professionals are ready to assist you with all of the tests and procedures that you need to get your health in order. All of the staff is friendly and ready to answer any questions you have regarding any medical imaging technologies and procedures. Call the Hollywood Diagnostics Center at Phone: (954) 966-3600 today!