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Important Facts About Ultrasounds

Dec 9, 2019

ultrasound-machineOne of our most used services is the Diagnostics ultrasound. It is also called sonography or Diagnostics medical sonography and is an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. The images provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions.

Is it Safe

Ultrasound imaging is a safe and painless Diagnostics study that creates pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves. There is no radiation involved.


Why is it Done

Images are captured in real-time so it is possible to see the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs as well as blood flowing through blood vessels. Ultrasound imaging assists healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions. It is a useful tool for evaluating symptoms such as pain, swelling or infection.

Ultrasound is used for many reasons like:

To view the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy and monitor a developing baby’s health
Diagnose gall bladder disease
Guide a needle for biopsy or tumor treatments
Examine breast lumps
Check the thyroid gland
Detect genital and prostate problems
Assess joint inflammation
Evaluate metabolic bone disease

The organs most typically examined include:

heart and blood vessels
uterus and ovaries
thyroid glands
scrotum for testicles


Most ultrasound exams are completed within 30 minutes. Patients are typically positioned lying face-up on an examination table. You may be asked to turn to either side to improve the quality of the images. Once all of the imaging sequences have been completed, a Board Certified Radiologist will review the images and provide written results to your referring provider, usually within 72 hours. A digital copy of the MRI study can be provided to your health care provider at no cost. Your referring provider will then review the results and a plan for treatment with you.

Hollywood Diagnosticss Center has been recognized as a leader in the medical Diagnosticss field while performing over 30,000 Diagnostics procedures annually.  This includes the EKGs discussed in this article. The center continues to be at the forefront of medical technology by progressively updating its equipment and procedures to reflect the latest advances in medicine. HDC is your complete, one source provider of all Diagnostics services.

If you require for any reasons an MRI, a PET Scan, a mammogram, ultrasounds of any kind, an EKG or even a bone density scan, this is the center that can take care of all of those tests and needs and more. You can even request an appointment by clicking RIGHT HERE!