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Things to Know About Echocardiograms

Apr 18, 2022

If you have been having cardio problems, your doctor might recommend a test called an echocardiogram. Many people who don’t have a history of cardiological issues aren’t familiar with tests like an echocardiogram. Here’s what you need to know about echocardiograms and why you should schedule yours with Hollywood Diagnosticss of South Florida. 

What You Should Know About Echocardiograms

The first thing that you should know about an echocardiogram is that it is not dangerous or painful. As far as tests go, echocardiograms are easy and painless. Doctors use echocardiograms to reveal vital information about the state of a patient’s heart.

An echocardiogram produces images that reveal the size and thickness of your heart. These tests can also tell your doctor a lot about how strong your heart is and if there are any blood clots inside the heart. It’s common for doctors to recommend having an echocardiogram after reporting instances of chest pain or shortness of breath.  

Echocardiograms can also help doctors identify cases of stenosis, a condition characterized by concerningly narrow heart valves. Aortic valve stenosis, for example, can cause serious problems including chest pain, blood clots, and heart palpitations. This condition can cause a stroke or even heart failure which is why it’s so important to identify it as early as possible. 

Preparing for an echocardiogram is easy as there are no restrictions on eating or drinking before the test is performed. Echocardiograms usually take between 20 minutes to an hour at the latest. 

Get Your Next Echocardiogram at Hollywood Diagnosticss!

When you need an echocardiogram in South Florida, you should know that Hollywood Diagnosticss is the place to go. People have trusted Hollywood Diagnosticss since 1984 because of our consistent courtesy, efficiency, and expertise.  

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