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What to Do When An Old Football Injury From High School is the Culprit of Today’s Pain

Jan 2, 2023

When chronic pain suddenly appears, many people elect to have an open MRI to try and identify the root cause. In some cases, the answer can be surprisingly simple: an old football injury from high school. This type of injury may not be immediately recognizable, but with the help of an Open MRI, the culprit can be identified. 

The reason why this type of injury can resurface years later is that, over time, the area of injury can become weak, making it more susceptible to further damage. If left untreated, this can result in long-term pain and discomfort. 

An open MRI is an excellent choice for diagnostic imaging. This MRI system offers a broad range of benefits and can help diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions. It is designed for all musculoskeletal applications. It is especially useful for diagnosing conditions that require weight bearing in a particular position or for those who are claustrophobic.

The open MRI system also has the added benefit of being more comfortable for patients. This is because the open design allows for more space and better visibility, making it easier to relax during the scan. Additionally, the machine produces less noise and vibration, making it more pleasant for those undergoing the scan. Overall, the open MRI system is an excellent choice for diagnosing medical conditions and helping to improve patient comfort and satisfaction.

Need an Open MRI? Call Hollywood Diagnostics!

At Hollywood Diagnostics, we provide our patients with the utmost quality care. Our team performs a large number of advanced medical imaging tests, including open MRI scans using a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. 

We use the latest technology to accurately and efficiently to help doctors diagnose a wide variety of conditions. From back pain to muscle strains and other complications stemming from old football injuries, our team of professionals can provide you and your doctor with the information you need to make a thorough diagnosis. 

Whether you are an athlete looking for the best care or an everyday person trying to find the root of your pain, our team will be there to provide optimum care. We take the time to understand your individual needs and provide an experience that is second to none. So if you’re looking for reliable diagnostic services in South Florida, look no further than Hollywood Diagnostics. We provide the best in professional care, making sure that you get the accurate diagnosis you need for a speedy recovery!