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COVID-19 Lung Involvement on CT Scans Helps Predict Mortality Risks

Jan 18, 2021

In an interesting finding, Hollywood Diagnosticss Center has found that chest CT scans can provide an analysis of lung consolidation in COVID-19-positive patients, helping providers in care management and better enabling them to pinpoint which patients could die in the hospital from the virus.

In published studies, investigators from Michigan State University examined whether the percentage of lung involvement on initial chest CT scans are directly related to the likelihood of a patient with the virus dying while admitted.

They used radiation therapy planning software to evaluate the impact of lung involvement and discovered that the risk of in-hospital mortality increased with each unit percentage of lung involvement by consolidations. In addition, these patients face a higher likelihood of experiencing major adverse hospital events.

The team determined that among patients hospitalized with COVID-19, more lung consolidation on chest CT increases the risk of in-hospital death. Therefore, the study provided evidence that chest CT is a potential tool in guiding escalation or de-escalation of care in the hospital setting.”

Based on their evaluations, they anticipated by proportionally reflecting lung parenchyma impairment that the number of opacities relative to the total lung volume could be used to predict which patients would need more intense medical management, as well as survival.

After adjusting for significant clinical factors, the team said, there was a 3.6-percent increase in the chance of dying in the hospital and a 2.5-percert increase in experiencing a major adverse hospital even for every percentage unit of lung involvement. Advanced age at the time of hospital admission, having a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) or do-not-intubate (DNI) order, and a history of smoking increased the likelihood of a patient dying in the hospital, they found, and older men had the highest risk of adverse events.

In addition, patients with a DNR or DNI had a 20 times higher chance of in-hospital mortality. Providers may be able to use these results to better focus their efforts as the pandemic continues, the team said.

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