How Does it Work

The organs, soft tissues and bones that are being imaged, send and receive radio waves, producing signals that are detected by the coils. A computer then processes these signals and generates a series of images, each of which shows a thin slice of the body. The images can then be studied from various angles by the interpreting radiologist. Some MRI exams may require you to receive an injection of contrast material.

Before the MRI exam is performed, you will be positioned on a moveable exam table. The technologist will monitor the series of images at a computer workstation adjacent to the scanning room. They will be able to see, hear and speak with you at all times. Depending on the areas being scanned, your study can last anywhere from 30 min to an hour. It is very important that you lay perfectly still while the images are being obtained. You will know when images are being recorded because you will hear and feel loud tapping or thumping sounds when the coils that generate the radiofrequency pulses are activated.

Once all of the imaging sequences have been completed, a Board Certified Radiologist will review the images and provide written results to your referring provider, usually within 72 hours. A digital copy of the MRI study can be provided to your health care provider at no cost. Your referring provider will then review the results and a plan for treatment with you.

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