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Learning How to Recognize Signs of Breast Cancer

May 2, 2022

Breast cancer is one of the most serious diseases that women can have. Although virtually all forms of cancer are dangerous, breast cancer is particularly aggressive in some cases. When it comes to breast cancer, it pays to be vigilant. Early detection is key to beating the dreaded disease. Here are some common signs of breast cancer to watch out for. 

Common Signs of Breast Cancer

One of the first things to look for would be any unusual lumps within the breast. If you detect any lumps within the breast during a self-check, you might need to schedule a breast biopsy to take a sample of the tissue and check it for cancer. You should also be vigilant for any abnormalities with your nipples. When a nipple starts turning inward, produces a discharge, or becomes painful, it could mean you have breast cancer. 

Some more uncommon signs that can be an indication of breast cancer include itchiness or redness of the breast. Swollen tissue that is warm to the touch can be a sign of a rare form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer.  

You should also be wary of any unusual pain or irritation near your armpits. Oftentimes, the first place that breast cancer will set in happens to be in the axillary lymph nodes which are located in the armpit. 

If You Have Any of the Preceding Symptoms, You Need to Schedule a Breast Biopsy with Hollywood Diagnosticss

If you have experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms that we covered, you should talk to your doctor about getting a breast biopsy. A breast biopsy can reveal whether you have breast cancer or not. Hollywood Diagnosticss is the number one choice for breast biopsies in Hollywood, Florida. 

Need to schedule a breast biopsy in Hollywood, Florida? Call Hollywood Diagnosticss today!