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Medical Diagnostics Imaging & COVID-19

May 18, 2020


Hollywood Diagnosticss Center understands that we are all going through some very trying times. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the harshness and danger of a disease capable of eliminating people in masses. However, it is important that you stay informed and aware of your surroundings. Last month, the FDA issued a policy regarding all Diagnostics imaging for this public health emergency. They were attempting to enable a larger amount of Diagnostics imaging equipment to be available for the public. Scans are able to detect pulmonary abnormalities. However, medical imaging hasn’t been the go-to method for COVID-19 testing.


Avoiding Diagnostics Imaging Equipment for COVID-19 Testing


COVID-19 has currently been known to spread quite easily. Also, it is able to maintain itself on surfaces for extremely long durations of time. Therefore, it is quite dangerous for healthcare providers and other patients. If anyone is coming into a Diagnostics imaging appointment, all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned. However, it is quite easy for a small area to contaminated still.

Patients who are afflicted with COVID-19 shouldn’t be wandering around the facility either. Having them move from room to room allows for much easier contamination of the facility and even your Diagnostics team. Many of the people who have been afflicted with COVID-19 were asymptomatic. In other words, these tests sometimes wouldn’t even be able to catch anything wrong with the body. They would receive an answer that could end up being false.

Finally, regardless the scan, a medical Diagnostics imaging system is only able to distinguish whether or not you are having issues in certain areas of the body. These systems are highly regarded in locating signs of infection. However, it is difficult to decide whether these are flu-like symptoms or an infection from COVID-19. If you or a family member have any questions for the medical Diagnostics team at Hollywood Diagnosticss Center, then contact as soon as possible!