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MRI Versus X-ray, Understanding the Difference

Jun 6, 2022

An MRI scanner uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of the body’s internal structures. MRI scans are highly accurate, providing detailed 3D images of the organs, tissues, and bones. They can also detect signs of disease, such as tumors, that cannot be seen on other imaging tests, such as X-rays. 

An MRI is also a Diagnostics test, but it looks at different structures than an X-ray. Instead of focusing on bones and tissues, an MRI focuses on the soft tissues in and around the bones (primarily water molecules within those tissues). An MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to detect gadolinium, a chemical that has been injected beforehand as a contrast dye. This allows us to see different parts of the body with varying amounts of gadolinium. Therefore we can see whether there’s excessive gadolinium in one area or not enough in another area – this reveals any abnormalities in these areas.

MRI scans are non-invasive and safe for most people. However, some people may not be suitable for an MRI due to certain conditions, such as metal implants, pacemakers, or claustrophobia. 

An X-ray is a type of imaging test that uses X-rays to produce images of the bones and organs. Unlike MRI scans, X-rays are not as detailed or accurate. They are used primarily to diagnose fractures and calcifications. When you break a bone or experience some other type of trauma to your skeletal system that could result in internal bleeding, the doctor will often order an X-ray to look for fractures and other types of damage. An X-ray is a Diagnostics test that uses electromagnetic radiation to produce images of the bones and tissues inside the body. 

Both MRI and X-rays use radiation to image internal structures, but MRI uses much lower levels of radiation. As a result, MRI is considered a safer imaging test than X-ray.

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