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Open MRI Scans, Risks Vs. Benefits

May 30, 2022

If your doctor has recommended an open MRI, you might be worried about what the experience of having an open MRI is like. Some people get fearful, agitated, and claustrophobic during closed MRI scans as traditional MRI machines can feel quite cramped. Here’s what you should know about the risks associated with open MRI scans vs. the benefits. 

Understanding the Risks of an Open MRI Scan Vs. the Benefits

An open MRI scan is an incredibly useful tool for doctors and researchers. It can be used to look inside your body and see structures and organs in incredible detail. One of the biggest and most common concerns people typically have when scheduling an open MRI scan is the radiation. 

Fortunately, MRI scans don’t impart the same kind of radiation that is emitted during an x-ray. This means that the radiation from an open MRI scan can’t alter your DNA on a chemical level in any significant way. 

The biggest reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of having this type of scan is that your risks are low. From a medical perspective, the benefits definitely outweigh any fears of risks or side effects. 

Open MRI scans can be a useful tool to help medical professionals see problems inside your body that could be causing issues or pain. It can also be used to guide treatments, like chemotherapy. For example, MRI technology is often used by doctors including oncologists to monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. 

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The team at Hollywood Diagnosticss has conducted countless open MRI scans. We are committed to providing you and your doctor with exceptionally accurate scans that can help you achieve your health goals. 

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