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Open MRI Vs. High-Field MRI

Feb 21, 2022

With such a wide variety of Diagnostics imaging scans available, it’s important to know about the differences between each technique. Here’s what you should know about the difference between an open MRI, and a high-field MRI scan. 

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

The most noticeable difference between an open MRI scan and a high-field MRI is the fact that the former is open and comfortable while the latter is enclosed and subsequently less comfortable. 

High-field MRI machines feature large a tube, also referred to as a bore. Some patients have a certain level of anxiety that kicks in when inside the bore of the machine and have difficulty remaining still. 

While a high-field, or, closed MRI can scan virtually any part of the body, an open MRI can only scan certain parts.  

Which One Is Better?

When it comes down to it, neither one of them is necessarily worse or better than the other. It’s somewhat relative because each type of MRI scan has its own set of pros and cons. For example, an open MRI might not produce images as quickly as a high-field MRI, but it’s much more comfortable for patients. 

Open MRI scans are much quieter than high-field scans which can be advantageous for patients that are easily startled or frightened by loud noises. Conversely, the equipment that is used in closed MRI scans generates loud noises. 

One advantage that high-field MRI scans have is the fact that they are superior in terms of clarity because they feature higher resolution. This means that closed MRI scans are the best choice in cases that involve the central nervous system.  

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