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Reduced-Dose CT Scans Effective for Kidney Stone Imaging

Jun 21, 2021

New research suggests use of reduced-dose CT scans could be as effective and reduce the need for re-imaging.

Reduced-dose CT is not only effective in imaging patients for kidney stones, but it also lowers the overall radiation exposure for individuals who might need repeated imaging. But, experts say that the protocols aren’t implemented as frequently as they should be.

Increased adoption of reduced-dose CT protocols will decrease the overall radiation burden associated with kidney stone CT, which often requires repeat imaging in relatively young patients.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than a half million patients enter the emergency room every year with kidney stone symptoms. The incidence has increased in the last 40 years. Most patients average 30 years for men and 35 years for women, making the need to control dose even greater.


What Did the Studies Show?

Of those impacted by kidney stones, 85% undergo CT imaging. The average number of scans is between 1.4 and 1.7 per kidney stone occurrence.

In addition, the results showed that facilities began using reduced-dose CT protocols more frequently throughout the study timeframe. Facilities in the DOSE intervention saw a more significant bump in their percentages of these lower-dose scans. They rose from 22% in 2015 to 36% in 2019.

These findings show implementing reduced-dose CT protocols is a feasible option for kidney stone imaging in the long-term, the team said. But, providers must be conscientious about using it on a wider scale.

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