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Studies Show Mammograms Can Halve the Risks of Developing a Fatal Cancer

Nov 23, 2020

Hollywood Diagnosticss Center wants to point out that recent research suggests that breast cancer screening can halve older women’s risk of dying from the disease. Women who have at least one mammogram are 37% less likely to die from breast cancer, according to a study of more than 23,000 patients.

And for those over 65 who had been screened at least twice over three years, the risk of death was halved! Researchers looked at more than 8,000 women, aged 47 to 89, who died of breast cancer. They compared those with 15,202 women living in the same areas in England who were approximately the same age. All of these women had been invited to screening by the NHS in England.

Amazing Results

Interestingly, around 20% of women who died of breast cancer never turned up for a mammogram, against only 12% of the women they were compared with. Some of whom were also diagnosed with breast cancer and survived. The study looked at how many women aged 50 to 69 might avoid an early death from breast cancer by having a mammogram.

Overall, having one mammogram screening reduced the risk of death from breast cancer by 37%. But for older women who had been screened in the previous three years, the risk of death was almost halved.

Experts say this age group may particularly benefit from mammograms as their tumors tend to be slow-growing, so the tumor will be around for a while. This increases the chances that it will be spotted by a mammogram.

The study concluded that every decade, 9 in every 1,000 women could save their lives by attending at least one screening.

The findings come amid a long-running debate over mammogram screening. Some argue it can detect non-aggressive tumors which might never cause a problem. This becomes potentially harmful if it leads to unnecessary treatment.

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