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Suffering From Frequent Migraines? It’s Time for an MRI or CT Scan

Dec 19, 2022

If you have been suffering from frequent migraine headaches and are unsure of what is causing them, it’s time to get a CT or MRI scan from Hollywood Diagnostics. This diagnostic imaging can help determine the cause of the migraines as well as provide information about any underlying conditions that could be causing them. 

A CT or MRI scan can also reveal any structural abnormalities that may be contributing to the migraines. With this knowledge, a doctor can then recommend the best course of action to treat the migraines and prevent them from recurring.

CT and MRI scans are a good place to start for migraine sufferers. These tests help to rule out any underlying physical causes for the pain, such as tumors, infections, or vascular issues. 

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI scan uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field that show vivid images of the brain and vessels. Doctors will use MRI scans to help diagnose strokes, bleeding in the brain, tumors, infections, and other brain-related conditions.
  • Computerized tomography (CT) scan. CT scans are more like a sequenced group of X-rays that make pictures of the brain in a cross-sectional fashion. This is a good tool that assists doctors in diagnosing brain damage, tumors, infections, bleeding in the brain, and a variety of other medical conditions affiliated with headaches.

Treatments Are Available

A neurologist is a good choice if you suffer from migraines or have a family history of migraines. Depending on your situation, your doctor may be able to treat you with medication. There are a number of medications available today, falling into two main categories.

  • Pain-relieving medications. These are also called abortive or acute treatment. This category of drugs is ingested during migraine attacks. They are specifically designed to halt symptoms.
  • Preventive medications. This category of drugs is taken usually on a daily routine and designed to reduce the frequency of migraines or severity.

Need an MRI or CT Scan? Call Hollywood Diagnostics!

If you’ve been suffering from frequent migraine headaches and want to get to the bottom of the cause, make sure to schedule an appointment with Hollywood Diagnostics. We feature state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible. The results of these scans can also provide information about the severity of the symptoms and help doctors to determine the best course of treatment. 

With the help of Hollywood Diagnostics, you can have an accurate diagnosis in no time. Whether you’re experiencing frequent migraines or any other acute or chronic pain, a CT or MRI scan can help to identify the cause quickly and accurately. Make an appointment with Hollywood Diagnostics today and get the relief you deserve!