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Understanding the Difference Between Arthritis and Osteoporosis

May 23, 2022

Millions of people are afflicted with arthritis, and or osteoporosis. Despite the fact that so many people have these conditions, there’s still some confusion as to what the differences are between arthritis and osteoporosis. Here’s a breakdown explaining the key differences between osteoporosis and arthritis. 

Defining Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation in the joints. The inflammation causes pain and discomfort which can worsen over time without treatment. One of the most effective ways to detect and diagnose the presence of arthritis is to get an x-ray of the afflicted area. For example, if the joints in your fingers are hurting, you should ask for an x-ray of your hands to look for arthritis.  

Defining Osteoporosis

Unlike arthritis, osteoporosis isn’t caused by joint pain. That said, osteoporosis itself can cause joint pain, especially in the hips. In fact, osteoporosis is one of the leading causes of chronic joint pain. 

Osteoporosis is defined as a weakening of the bones. When your bones start thinning and grow weaker it makes it easier for them to fracture. Most people with osteoporosis experience pain in the wrist, hip, or spine. 

What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between osteoporosis and arthritis is the fact that the former starts in the bones while the latter starts in the joints. While arthritis can be detected in an x-ray, osteoporosis can be detected by a bone density scan. An x-ray can also reveal the presence of osteoporosis. 

Think You Might Have Arthritis or Osteoporosis? Call Hollywood Diagnosticss!

If you think you might have arthritis or osteoporosis, you need to make an appointment with the Diagnosticss experts at Hollywood Diagnosticss. Our team has the equipment and the knowledge to diagnose arthritis and or osteoporosis. 

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