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Why Choose to have an Open MRI?

Jun 8, 2020


It is of the upmost importance to have the highest quality equipment being used when you receive your medical imaging. One of the most revolutionary one that has come out is the Open MRI technology. This allows for our Diagnostics imaging experts to perform an MRI while you are in an upright position. The open and tilting design is intended to increase the accuracy of the Diagnostics. All due to the fact, that the machine allows you to stand in your weight-bearing position. More details are able to be seen when the body is in its normal stance compared to laying down. Hollywood Diagnosticss Center is proud to offer an open MRI scan for their medical imaging tests.


What is an MRI?


An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a scan performed by Diagnostics professionals for medical conditions or injuries. This scan is utilized through a strong magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to product detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues and bone. A magnetic field is created through by passing an electrical current through specialized wires located within the MRI unit.


Advantages of an Open MRI


As stated before, it is always best to perform a scan while you are in your weight-bearing stance. This stance allows for your body to be in its natural state allowing for increased accuracy. In fact, twenty – thirty percent more abnormalities are detected whilst using the Open MRI technology. Therein leading to not only a quicker diagnosis, but treatment plan and recovery time. Also, many people have a feeling of claustrophobia when being placed into the standard MRI machine. Whereas, with the open MRI system, you have a large amount of freedom. Remember, this is a machine that relies on magnetic waves in order to detect problems within the body. This means, you will not be able to have any metal objects of any kind near the machine during the test. The Hollywood Diagnosticss Center is proud to offer their patients the technology for the Open MRI system.