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Why You Should Have Routine Mammograms

Oct 31, 2022

A routine mammogram is one of the most effective tools that a woman can have in her fight against breast cancer. These tests are an important part of early detection, and they can catch cancer before it has a chance to spread. If you fail to get one on time, you could put yourself at serious risk. 

One of the biggest risks is that your breast cancer could be more advanced than it appears. A mammogram doesn’t just show you if there’s anything abnormal in your breast; it also shows how far it has spread. If you’re at high risk due to a hereditary history of breast cancer, getting a routine mammogram is even more important.

One of the most important risk factors is genetics. Having a family history of breast cancer increases the risk of developing the disease.  Other risk factors include having a mother who had breast cancer or other types of cancers, having mutations in one or more genes that are related to breast cancer, and having an inherited mutation in one or another gene that affects how cells grow and divide. Breast cancer may also be caused by environmental factors, such as certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Women should have mammograms every year starting at age 40. Mammograms can be done using either digital or film equipment. Digital mammography is preferred because it produces clearer images.

The mammography equipment used at Hollywood Diagnostics is state of the art with a trained professional staff waiting to take good care of you. Don’t put yourself at risk by delaying a mammogram. If you live in South Florida and you need a mammogram, you’ll want to give Hollywood Diagnostics a call. In addition to modern equipment, our team has the talent and experience to give you the best care.