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New Technique to Make X-rays More Efficient at Diagnosing Injuries

Apr 12, 2021

An innovative way to pinpoint and illuminate bone damage promises to make X-rays, which are offered at Hollywood Diagnosticss Center, more efficient at diagnosing bone and other injuries, Researchers at Flinders University in Australia say.

The new technique, looking at potential biomedical applications of an ancient inorganic salt-based aggregation-induced emission (AIE) radio-luminescence material, could open new frontiers in medicine including X-ray, bioimaging and advanced applications, says Professor Youhong Tang, from Flinders University’s College of Science and Engineering.

The review was published by Professor Tang, postdoctoral student Dr. Javad Tavokoli, and Australian technology company Micro-X. They examined the potential of the AIEgen luminogens in deep tissue imaging.

“We were able to use Micro-X advanced X-ray machines at the Tonsley Innovation District to show the benefits of this AIEgen system which can be excited by X-ray (as the radioluminescence emitter) and UV light (as the photoluminescence emitter) compared to current AIEgens which mostly only act as the photoluminescence emitter,” he says.

Lead author on the journal article in the Aggregate, Dr Tavokoli, on how based at the Centre for Health Technologies at the University of Technology Sydney, says the next generation of fluorescent gels could also capitalize on additional light-emitting properties making them attractive for different applications.

The latest work not only explores a series of inorganic AIE systems but also “fundamentally helps to understand both the unconventional organic and inorganic clusteroluminescence phenomena, Professor Tang concludes.

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