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New X-ray Machine Allows For Fast Diagnosis of COVID Pneumonia

Nov 29, 2021

We always stay on the cutting edge of the machines and systems that aid in determining one’s health. Here is a story out of Israel about cutting edge technology. And this happened as another variant of COVID-19 called Omicron sweeps through the world. An Israeli company Nanox has launched a pilot program of the Nanox.ARC advanced-imaging system (X-Rays) to allow for the rapid indication of patients with worsening pneumonia as a result of COVID-19. And while Hollywood Diagnosticss Center does not have this machine, it is still interesting news.
This could be a game-changer for COVID patients who do not have access to more expensive machines. Nanox describes its device as “the new digital X-ray technology.” Traditional X-ray procedures have not changed much for 126 years until Nanox came along.
Nanox.ARC’s use of digital source energy X-rays allows the formation of a previously unattainable data snapshot, which includes 3-D digital imaging results (as opposed to 2-D results), allowing for a more detailed diagnosis that until now was only available through expensive CT scans.
The machine only landed in the hospital this week. Once approved, the thought is that it will likely not need the device since the hospital does have CT scans available for its patients.
X-ray imaging devices are critical for diagnosing lung conditions that occur in patients suffering from severe COVID-19. However, only around a third of the world’s population has access to proper imaging services or have to wait a considerable amount of time to use them – something that could mean life or death with the virus.
If you live in South Florida, or specifically the city of Hollywood, and are in need of an X-Ray albeit not the Nanox.ARC, or any medical imaging, then call the Hollywood Diagnosticss Center today! Medical professionals are ready to assist you with all of the tests and procedures that you need to get your health in order. All of the staff is friendly and ready to answer any questions you have regarding any medical imaging technologies and procedures. Call the Hollywood Diagnostics Center at Phone: (954) 966-3600 today!